YouTube – How to Loop

It is so simple, just right-click on the video and select loop. MAC users, use 2 fingers to right-click.

Works great when you post photos to YouTube for end of end of year presentations.  I use Movie Maker to make my slideshows, with just a couple of clicks.  Then I save my movie to my computer and upload to YouTube.  If you have a small number of photos, you can use YouTube Slideshow as well! This app takes some time for them to load, so this is why I jump into Movie Maker to do this if I have a lot of photos.  Movie Maker is on your Windows 10 laptop.  MAC folks, you can use Movie Maker.


Google Drive: Create a Shareable Link Between Student and Teacher

Sharing Google Drive files is fairly straight forward; however, there is a caveat for BV users.  You can’t share between students and teachers with authentication (require that the user sign in) because students and teachers are in different domains (NET/ORG).  Staff can share with staff, and students can share with students (requiring authentication).  But students and teachers cannot share with each other and require that the user sign in.  The only way to share files and folders is to share as “Anyone with the Link”.  Please note that “anyone with a link” can access these files.  See this video to learn how!

In addition, you can share folders by right clicking the folder, and select Share.  Just like the video describes above, you will select “Anyone with the Link”.


NOTE:  Teachers, if you are sharing content with your students, be sure that you make it “Can view” unless you want them to have additional rights.

Google Forms carry this same issue.  However, you can select that they collect an email address. This requires that they login with any Google Account, and they can input any email address that they want. Bummer!


Additionally, these issue are replicated in O365 with some exceptions.  More to come on this.

Happy Sharing!

Google Drive: Forms New Feature – Collect Files

I have been patiently waiting for this.  Google Forms has added a new feature that allows you to collect documents!  See this help site to learn more:


Caveat for BV users.  You can’t share this with your students since they are in a different domain.  Staff can share with staff.  Here is an image that may help you understand the issue.


If you are unfamiliar with Google Forms, see this video!  It upgraded in 2015.  This video helps you with these changes as well.

Happy Collecting!

GroupMe – Blocked for BV Students

GroupMe is a group text messaging communication 2oOL.  It is one of the simplest app’s out there that will create a private chat room for your groups (up to 200).  I could not image that many in a chat room, but it is possible. This app is suitable for adult use.  Blue Valley does not allow the use of this app for students.  If you are looking for a group messaging 2oOL to use with your students, I would suggest Remind.

I would suggest that you use this for small groups such as:  coaching groups, PLC’s, departments, etc.  You add members manually or via a link. This app works essentially with every phone that gets text.  You do not have to have the app on your phone to use it. You can create and manage a calendar, send photos and videos.  You can also mute notifications.


Here is the help page for more information:

o365: OneNote on MAC’s and Really ANY Device

With OneDrive for Business (a Microsoft Office 365 application), you can create and host your OneNote applications so that you have 24/7 access to them… from any device! So not only can you access it from a windows computer, but now you can access it from Apple and Android devices.  For example: Mac desktops, Mac Laptops,  iPads, Android Tablets, Surface Pros, iPhones, Android Phones and Windows Phones… essentially any device that can access the Internet can also access a OneDrive hosted OneNote.  See the video for a demonstration on how to open a OneNote shared by a link on a MAC destkop.

BV staff can access this application at:


  • If you are asked which account to login with, always choose “Work or school account”.
  • You can get the desktop app from the App store on your Mac.  Mac_OneNote in App Store
  • Make an appointment with me to learn how to do this.
  • Moving BVW OneNote to OneDrive soon!


Remind is for Teachers, Coaches, Sponsors and the like… this is a “one-way”, “two-way” or”group”  texting communication tool that you can easily set up and use to communicate with your groups.  You select the way to use it.

How to send one way and two way communication

How to set up a group (chat) communication

Teachers never see students’ phone numbers, and students never see theirs. This supports attachments of photos, files or voice clips and goes directly to students’ and parents’ phones.  Students and parents can join your class by text, email or app.  There are 3 options to send the class code; invite via email or mobile number, project or send instructions to download the app or text class code to your remind phone number or share your unique link to have your class join by mobile number.




This is one of the best note taking app’s that I have ever used.  You can access it from your PC, MAC, any Tablet or phone… and it is synced with all devices.  The quick access that I have from my PC makes this easy and efficient – there is a nice download option that makes it as if it is part of your PC. You can use this to back-up emails as well, it embeds in your Outlook mail tool bar!  The organization is exquisite!  Stop taking notes all over the place and get organized with Evernote! Evernote works hand in hand with Skitch, an image annotation tool. or go straight to the Intro page to get started!