Internet Archive

The Internet Archive (  is literally "the archive of the Internet".  This non-profit virtual library has roughly 11 million books, 3 million videos, 4 million audio recordings, 1 million images, 279 billion web pages and 100,000 software programs.  If you lost it or are looking for it, try to find it here! Teachers, if you are …

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Screencastify – Chrome Add On

Looking for an easy to use video screencast WEB2oOL that is built right into your Chrome web browser?  Screencastify is your 2oOL (make sure you open this link in Chrome)!   Once you add this to Chrome, just click the "film strip" icon in the upper right hand corner to open the menu shown below.  If …

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Scan your book or journal barcodes to easily acquire and generate references in seconds using your phone's camera.  You can reference any source: books, articles, webpages, videos, newspaper, legislation, artwork and more!  It includes over 7,500 reference styles (who knew there were that many to begin with), including APA and MLA.   BV folks, you can …

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