OneDrive on the iPad

There was a day in BV where the iPad would not work inherently with the iPad to view and edit the users working files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Well, that day is gone!  If you have your working files in OneDrive, then you can also work with them on an iPad (and other devices, but …

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Techie Teacher – Julia Fulbright

JULIA FULBRIGHT It became clear during new teacher week that Julia is an excellent teacher.  She could be found well before and after hours getting ready for her students. She was invariably doing something that I thought would be interesting to her students.  If you see Julia, you will see a pleasant smile on her …

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Scan your book or journal barcodes to easily acquire and generate references in seconds using your phone's camera.  You can reference any source: books, articles, webpages, videos, newspaper, legislation, artwork and more!  It includes over 7,500 reference styles (who knew there were that many to begin with), including APA and MLA.   BV folks, you can …

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