Google Chrome Extension: Read&Write

 Read&Write is an awesome Chrome Extension.  The district purchased the license to this so be sure to add to your BV Chrome in order to gain full access (students, too). Highlights of this WEB2oOL: highlight text and play the audio highlight text and pull to another doc text and picture dictionaries remove distracting ads screen spotlight …

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OneDrive on the iPad

There was a day in BV where the iPad would not work inherently with the iPad to view and edit the users working files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Well, that day is gone!  If you have your working files in OneDrive, then you can also work with them on an iPad (and other devices, but …

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OneNote: Learning Tools Add-In

3/1/2017 NEW - Word Online and OneNote Online have immersive reader already installed.  Love this! 3/3/2016 ORIGINAL POST - Looking for a free WEB2oOL to help increase reading comprehension for every student?  OneNote has a free Learning Tool add-in at: that is pretty incredible.  Here is a list of features that are included. See …

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