GroupMe – Blocked for BV Students

GroupMe is a group text messaging communication 2oOL.  It is one of the simplest app’s out there that will create a private chat room for your groups (up to 200).  I could not image that many in a chat room, but it is possible. This app is suitable for adult use.  Blue Valley does not allow the use of this app for students.  If you are looking for a group messaging 2oOL to use with your students, I would suggest Remind.

I would suggest that you use this for small groups such as:  coaching groups, PLC’s, departments, etc.  You add members manually or via a link. This app works essentially with every phone that gets text.  You do not have to have the app on your phone to use it. You can create and manage a calendar, send photos and videos.  You can also mute notifications.


Here is the help page for more information:


BVW Devices: Troubleshooting when Connecting to BV WIFI

If you drop WIFI (either see a yellow triangle or a red X over the Wifi icon in the system tray in the lower right corner of your screen or if it lags, try to disable and enable your wireless adapter.


Windows 10 Directions

  1. In the search box, type Wifi
  2. Select “Change Wifi Settings”
  3. Be sure it is “On”.
  4. Click on “Change adapter Options”
  5. Right click it and select Disable and then do again to Enable.
  6. You can do this on Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth Network Connection.

WiFI Reset 08112016

One Page step by step direction document here:  Troubleshooting Tip_ Disable and Enable Wireless Connection

Directions on a MAC: